This architecture is a result of a study completed for the Kuwait Oil Company under the Enhanced Technical Services Agreement with Shell. Specifically this covered subsurface data management. Several visits to Kuwait were required and during interviews with key stakeholders gaps where identified and many issues highlighted. The recommended architecture was modified to incorporate these requirements and finally agreed and approved.

Methods, Procedures, Process

This architecture was centered on having a QCed data store with seamless integration to KOC current existing systems. This reduced cost by the elimination of the need to introduce a new database. Further, this structure built on the existing knowledge base in place was a key factor in the architecture approval.

The existing fragmented systems were characterized by different data values and data in several locations. There was a clear need for an integrated QCed data store. The need for clear accountabilities and for different disciplines to work together more closely was very much evident. The concept is derived from our Shell architecture structure concept but utilizing KOC existing systems. The focus in this architecture is on the seamless integration and defining clear data flows and roles and accountabilities.

Each data type is covered by flow charts to specify the flow of data and the assigned focal points responsibilities and how the data is managed throughout the process.

The structure and process is intended to keep the master data store always current with the latest QCed data. Uploading and quality review of the initial data set is therefore a key first step.

Results, Observations, Conclusions

With clear accountabilities and responsibilities defined and a clear data workflow the data store will be always in good shape. Having the QCed assured data at your fingertips saves a lot of time and money.

Novel/Additive Information

Having the technical user in ownership of his data and resposible on it's evergreening will assure the rest of the technical community they are using the latest most QCed data.

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