This paper presents a case study for drilling a horizontal well with multi stage transverse fractures in the NEAMA field in Karma concession in the western desert of Egypt. The well production results are expected to lead the Western Desert operators to change the development strategy for several western desert fields to unlock the unrecovered reserves in the upper Baharia tight formation.

NEAMA field has total of 9 wells: 5 wells on production with total production around 500 BOPD, and 4 shut-in wells due to low productivity. The field STOIIP is around 15 MMSTB. With the historical low initial production rates, it was decided to develop the stranded reserves by drilling a horizontal well to replace three vertical wells and test the feasibility of applying horizontal wells with multi-stage fracturing in such tight reservoir.

A horizontal well with 7 fracturing stages was completed at the down-dip part of the field, LWD (Logging While Drilling) measurements were used to control well's direction and predict rock lithology. The LWD helped to control the well trajectory between the upper and lower boundaries of the reservoir's zone of interest. The well was completed with permanent downhole pressure gauge and ESP system in the vertical hole.

The well was put on production with initial rate of 400 BOPD with 20% water cut which was four times the total field production. The well production was maintained at low water cut until water production increased significantly. Integrated analysis of all collected data revealed that water channeling behind casing was responsible for the excessive water production. It was planned to work over the well to restore its oil production.

The paper discusses the integrated data analysis techniques that led to the choice of completion option of horizontal well with transverse fractures for new wells in NEAMA field. The results and additional analyses of both pressure and production data are expected to help other Western Desert operators to develop significant reserves of tight UBAH reservoir.

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