Geo-steering is a very critical part of today's field development economics, our production targets are getting more complex, thinner oil columns, which need more complex geo-steering, continual improvement needed in People, technology and processes. Drilling a well at an angle other than vertical can obtain more information by hitting the production targets and stimulate reservoirs in ways that cannot be achieved with a simple vertical well which became a valuable ability in oil business. To augment this aspect Kuwait Oil Company has established Geo-steering Center (Fig-1) which has become the hub for decision making while the well is getting drilled for landing at top of reservoir or lateral is being drilled (Fig-2).

The establishment of Geo-steering control Room in FD (S&EK) is an outcome because of constant supervision and direct guidance by manager of Field Development South and East Kuwait, which added a new dimension to drilling the modern horizontal wells in the Greater Burgan Field. The team of Geologists of FD (S&EK) in this collaboration center ensures that horizontal wells are steered correctly and safely to their final targets.

The Geo-steering center can be operated 24 hours a day if require. Each geologist may be responsible for as many as 3 wells in different fields (BG, MG & AH) and different reservoirs. Like driving, geo-steering requires constant attention and dedication all the time. The center recently moved into a new and expanded facility that is equipped with the latest in visualization, communication and computer technology in order to properly place and geologically navigate us with many complex horizontal wells path in Greater Burgan field. Geo-steering horizontal wells can be done remotely from the center, with data coming into the center from more than one well at any given time. For every well, Logging-While-Drilling (LWD) sensors near the drill bit send information about the Lithology and directional survey of the well to the control unit at the rig from where data is then transmitted by satellite to the geo-steering center. The team developed software instantly can load the data so geologists can see on their workstations the LWD and trajectory data to determine where the drill bit is in relation to the drilling plan and the reservoir target.

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