The Kuwait Oil Company is developing the North Kuwait Jurassic Gas fields in order to increase domestic gas supply. The reservoirs are difficult with deep, poor quality reservoirs under high pressure containing H2S and CO2 leading to significant technology challenges. KOC entered into an Enhanced Technical Service Agreement (ETSA) with Shell in order to benefit from IOC expertise and to optimize the development. Some 40 Shell staff work with KOC. A core element of the ETSA is to bring to bear technologies that can be applied within the North Kuwait Jurassic Gas fields. These technologies may be processes, software or hardware.

It was clear that the technology management and implementation needed to be structured and a Technology Taskforce was created for this purpose. The taskforce is managed by both parties of the ETSA and contains members of KOC departments who support the Jurassic Gas Asset as well as Asset members themselves. The paper will describe how the Taskforce operates and how the technologies are selected and are introduced into the workplan. It will also describe how technology implementation is measured. To illustrate the process examples of actual technology implementations will be given.

The Taskforce has been in operation for 1-1/2 years and results to date show that technology implementations over the last year have increased significantly compared with the previous year. In addition it has made the process of technology implementation progress very transparent so that performance can be tracked on a regular basis and measured against Key Performance Indicators allowing remedial action to be taken if necessary.

The paper will show that a simple but structured approach to technology management leads to tangible benefits both in the immediate speeding up of technology implementations but also making it more visible how further improvements can be made. This approach can be applied to any company in the industry allowing benefits to be widely realized.

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