It is important to optimize energy conservation measures in new projects in process industry. Integration of new plant with existing infrastructure is the key in energy conservation measures. New technologies like Cogeneration and Kalina Technologies are the most suitable technologies to be considered in design phase for energy optimization.

KNPC has recently commissioned a new gas plant LPG Train-4. Various energy conservation ideas are commissioned during start-up as listed below.

  1. Gas Turbine Inlet Air Cooling

  2. Low Temperature Energy Conversion

  3. Commissioning of Waste Heat Boilers to extract heat from Gas Turbine exhaust gas and using the steam as heating medium in column reboilers to achieve enhanced thermal efficiency

  4. Recovery of heat from Spent Hot Regeneration Gas in the Regeneration system

  5. Commissioning of control system to operate air fin-fans based on temperature

  6. Commissioning of Debutaniser side reboilers to extract heat from Compressor discharge gas and effectively saving steam consumption

  7. Cooling Feed gas compressor discharge using Demethaniser bottom fluid

  8. VSD Motor application

  9. Boiler Feed water Preheat

These technical innovations are implemented in LPG Train-4 to achieve energy conservation.

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