Water Shut-Off (WSO) solutions are in constant improvement. This paper shares the experience of integrating PLT, CTU, and packer Real-time technologies together in multidisciplinary team and integrated workflows to minimize the uncertainty and maximize the success rate of Rig-less WSO in horizontal open-hole wells completed with passive Inflow Control Devices (ICD) as first time ever in Kuwait, to extend the natural flow life which in turn reduces oil production deferment waiting for slot in busy rig work-over schedule.

Water conformance represents common challenge in oilfield industry which increases with the field maturity especially in water flood and active water drive reservoirs. Water production has significant impact on production economics, facilities, adding more challenges to the development of such oilfields.

Sabriyah field, most challenging oilfield in North Kuwait, produces from Lower Burgan (LB) Cretaceous Sandstone reservoir which experiences water conformance issues due to water flood and active water drive respectively.

Strategy of drilling horizontal open-hole wells completed with passive ICDs in LB reservoir was adapted early 2012 as trial to delay water breakthrough via achieving higher productivity over conventional vertical wells and in turn be able to produce same average production rate at much less and balanced drawdown. However, some wells have shown increased water cut (WC), which constrained their natural flow capability and hence need for rig work-over for WSO and/or conversion to artificial lift.

WSO is a common practice in the field but complicity increases in horizontal completions. The main challenge during WSO treatment is the proper diagnosis and full understanding of the water mechanism for selecting the efficient treatment design, which is crucial for a sound decision making considering the associated cost and the operational complications especially in horizontal wells.

Process outline: WC monitoring, identification of water source using horizontal PLT, Water Saturation logs, reservoir understanding, production modeling and nodal analysis, identifying best WSO intervention technology, isolation depth and operation design then execution and post job evaluation.

The production analysis utilizing horizontal PLT technology, Water Saturation and open-hole logs supports inflow profiling and identification of water entries in horizontal ICD compartments. Hence, better problem understanding and proper decision making for where to isolate using Rig-less Real-time CTU and inflatable packer technology in three wells to-date with following results:

  • Significant oil gain/restore and WC reduction.

  • Extending natural flow life and postpone need for rig work-over.

  • Less water on facility side allowing more production capacity.

  • Saving reservoir energy.

The integration of inflow profiling, water saturation, Real-time intervention new technologies and multidisciplinary team collaboration led to excellent execution of rig-less WSO in horizontal passive ICD completions in North Kuwait.

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