As part of the continual improvement and expansion of Kuwait Oil Company’s (KOC) infrastructure, the company is currently executing mega fuel gas and liquid fuel projects for the ever increasing demand of energy consumption. The major overhaul of KOC’s existing network is being improved and expanded by three mega projects. Two of which are identical and handle the demands of Minsitry of Electricity & Water (MEW) North & South Kuwait power stations. Whereas, the 3rd project, which is called the Telemetry Project, is being implemented to provide telemetry, automation, leak detection system and fiscal metering for the whole network. Furthermore, this telemetry project has an independent SCADA system to meter, monitor and control large diameter cross-country pipelines remotely from ultra-modern control rooms; Consumers Network Management Center (CNMC) and Secondary Network Management Center (SNMC). The total gas delivered under these projects exceeds four BSCFD and includes custody-transfer class metering skids and associated systems. Custody-transfer measurement is of great importance within KOC’s downstream business in order to meet Kuwait Petroleum Corporation’s clients, large and small users. This technical paper shows the positive impacts and huge contributions these major projects made. Another focus is on the different philosophies used in the metering skids and various applications of flow meters in the projects. Dew Point Depression Units (DPDU) is the first facility ever built in Kuwait and such decision shows KOC’s emphasis in opting for technology beyond traditional use. Furthermore, a comparison of the gas and liquid flow-metering skids under the three projects gives us a very fruitful analysis in terms of selecting the best features and avoiding the shortcomings of all three designs. In addition, the analysis compares the flow-spitting or control switching, proving systems, calibration procedures and flow-computation besides other features. In conclusion, the state-of-the-art technologies of flow metering solutions made huge and significant improvements as well as reached new levels of reliable flow measurement. Whereas, in the past, a certain and limited number of applications were available and used which resulted in poor flow measurement and higher uncertainty/error. This particular comparison, between the old and new consumers networks, emphasizes KOC’s position in achieving and obtaining innovative flow measurement solutions.

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