Electrical submersible pumps (ESP's) downtime is one of the most significant concerns that affect the oil production sustainability. Various defects as electrical trips, mechanical issues, under or over load trips and manual shut off are keeping the pumps off operation that would suspend the well productivity. The downtime of ESP's generized by generators globaly is exceeding an average of total 2 days per well from a population of 400 pumps. This is directly reducing the total daily production. The objective is to reduce the operational downtime by 50% after allocating the most marking defects to increase the pump's spinning time and maintain the wells’ production.

Statistical study using the Six-sigma procedures is employed to accomplish the downtime reduction. The problem is defined as reducing the ESP's downtime by 50%. The spinning hours are measured in daily bases from 400 wells and the downtime is calculated. Moreover, each defect is categorized to a main reason branch. The branches are mainly consisting the reservoir characterizations and the formation type. In addition to that, the data is analyzed using the ANOVA analysis road map and the hypothesis testing procedures.

The analysis showing that most of the defects are electrical ones, that is because of using diesel generators to energize the pumps. An improving process is encountered to overcome this problem by substituting the generators with the government electricity. In the other hand, high amount of defects are considered as reservoir effects while the pumps are tripping because of under or over load. The main reason behind this kind of pumps’ tripping is the pump design and the high water cut of the well. An appropriate pump design procedures are organized to reduce this kind of defects. Also, optimization practices are developed to set the right pump situation that would enhance the well productivity and minimize the operational downtime.

In order to control the ESP's operation, several monitoring methods and applications are used for taking actions toward any abnormal pump behavior as V-Monitor, SCADA and daily ESP reports.

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