Progressive cavity pumps (PCP) were introduced in Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) fields for the first time in year 2012 whereby 100 wells were to be awarded for a period of 5 years. Over a 3 year period over 50 pump installations were carried out. Due to the growth of the project the operations strategy focused on implementation of certain tools to aid in analysis and optimization of the wells thus improving the run life. Pump Watcher system is a part of a lease contract that involves PCP rental developed by KOC. The contract warrants remote surveillance and control of the pump including but not limited to start/stop and speed change. Although the PCP rental began in the year 2012, real-time monitoring and control was accomplished only in 2014 as the infrastructure related to radio communication was not in place. There has been a paradigm shift in data availability and quality before and after the installation of pumps, variable speed drives (VSDs), and remote monitoring and survey. This manuscript focuses on the benefits achieved ever since downhole gauge data and related pump information was made available on a real-time basis. The manuscript focuses on the following with case studies and examples:

  • Improved run life

  • Wells working under recommended operational conditions

  • Preventative actions due to real-time data (RTD)

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