In Oil and Gas industry, offshore platforms are very common in most of the regions. But, despite the fact that there may be risk of liquefaction, it is also seen that some projects demand the requirement of construction of offshore artificial islands to set up all the required facilities of the Oil and Gas plant. Therefore, in this study, a live project having offshore artificial island, about 84km offshore, has been taken and an attempt has been made to assess compaction levels achieved for offshore artificial islands. Subsequently, liquefaction potential has been evaluated based on both SPT, N and CPT data. Eventually, studied the reliability of the data for the liquefaction assessment.

The findings from this study revealed that: 1) Stringent compaction acceptance criteria shall be de-veloped based on the predefined factor of safety against liquefaction and make sure that the compaction works are in compliance to the criteria; 2) Liquefaction analysis based on the CPT data is reliable as the CPT data gives continuous profiles and represents the actual site conditions, compare to that from the SPT.

It is recommended that special care shall be taken while executing compaction works on such artifi-cial islands so as to avoid any risk of liquefaction.

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