Through years of research and development, ProSep has brought to market a family of mixers for use in practically every application where separation of phases or constituents take place. In produced water applications, ProSep has incorporated a series of modulating mixers along with another proprietary process technology, the CTour Process, to provide a compact solution for new build as well as retrofit / debottlenecking applications. The CTour Process is the injection of natural gas condensates into the produced water treatment line for an in-situ extraction of residual OIW. The ProSep series of modulating mixers, along with our series of chemical injection mixers, provide the efficient mixing needed to achieve low sheer, homogenous fluid mixing of the condensate to aid to the extraction of PAH molecules and dissolved BTEX components as well as dispersed hydrocarbons. The modulating feature of the mixer allows for a maintained and consistent low differential pressure under varying flow rate conditions.

This same mixer technology can also be applied on the crude oil treating pipeline using our ProMix – for chemical injection of de-emulsifiers, corrosion inhibitors, and scale inhibitors – and ProSalt – wash water injection mixer – products. Both mixing systems allow for cost savings with regard to chemical and wash water usage and injection. Additionally, the homogenous mixes created allow for more efficient downstream process equipment, such as dehydrators and desalters, with less oil reporting to the brine water effluent, therefore reducing the burden on other separating technologies in the process. These unique designs offer efficient mixing over high turndown due to their ability to modulate, require less pressure differential for operation, provide a more homogenous mixture over a shorter distance, and provide a narrower droplet distribution curve.

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