Stimulation is a well-practiced technology in oil industry to improve productivity or injectivity of a well. Plasma Pulse Technology (PPT) is a special kind of stimulation technique where oil production enhancement occurs without formation damage and without using chemical agents. PPT is based on scientific research in the areas of Geology, petro-physics, blasting theory, acoustic, wave theory and resonance theory.

Well RA-000A was identified for plasma application mainly to stimulate the very tight layer SID2 which otherwise difficult to produce through conventional perforation and to have positive production impact on nearby well RA-000B. Before application of this new technology, three intervals were perforated with last production rate @ 196 bopd with 90% water cut and closed for pressure. PNC log (sigma log)was recorded which shows that out of three perforated interval, the bottom COAL2_UCH layer having very high water saturation, the top of COAL2_UCH is having little water saturation and COAL1 LCH is almost dry. The porosity and permeability of the bottom layer of COAL2 UCH is very good whereas COAL1 LCH is having moderate rock quality. It was decided to isolate COAL 2 UCH due to very high water saturation. Also, decided to add SID layer which is very tight with low porosity and permeability

Nodal analysis was carried out to estimate the production potential after isolating the water producing layer and adding SID layer. The prosper model estimated that the selected interval will produce @ 800 to 1000 blpd with the PI of 1 to 1.5 bbl/day/psi.

After successfully executing PPT for the first time in KOC, the Production GOR test conducted after a month showed stabilized production rate of 1279 blpd, 363 bopd with a PI of 2.25 bbl/day/psi, which is two times more than the earlier PI. The liquid production is above the model predicted and achieved an incremental oil gain of 167 bopd due to plama pulse technology, ie an increase of 85% from the initial oil production rate. In addition to this, immediately after plasma application, observed 81 psi increase in pump intake pressure of the nearby well RA-000B which is 400m away from this well. It is planned to carry out plasma pulse stimulation technique in more candidates including Rigless application.

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