Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) can interact with steel tubular, such as drill pipe,and through the unfavorable combination of different factors a crack can initiate in the material and propagate until catastrophic failure, even with stresses largely below the yield limit of the material. The combination of tubular failures due to Sulfide Stress Cracking and the rising HSE concerns when dealing with sour gas has led the industry to develop new grades of drill pipe with enhanced resistance to SSC.

Material selection for drill pipe in a sour environment is significantly complex, mainly due to the absence of dedicated international standard. Nonetheless, at a regional level the "Industry Recommended Practices" Volume 1 has been published in 2004 in Canada. The standard was created to insist on people safety, and provide specification and guidelines to manufacturers on material properties, quality control, testing and inspection of drilling products intended to be used in critical sour wells.

Sour Service Drill Pipe as defined in the IRP have been used for a decade in Canada, as well as in other regions and continents, along with a variety of other proprietary Sour Service grades of drill pipe and BHA. This paper proposes a review of different field cases in the Middle East and Asia, as well as an outlook of the different practices for material selection and qualification guidelines which have emerged since the past 10 years.

More recently, with the increasing demand of domestic gas in different part of the world, some highly sour oil and gas reservoirs are being explored with H2S contents beyond what could have been imagined a decade ago. To explore, appraise and eventually develop such fields, most of the time combined with complex well profiles or deeper reservoirs, significant technical challenges need to be addressed regarding drill pipe integrity and operations safety. This paper proposes a non-exhaustive review of the newest emerging industry trends as far as international standard guidance, regional normative initiatives, and new steel developments.

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