The paper begins with highlighting the limitations of traditional safety management efforts and importance of addressing human factors. Paper will then focus on human factors that lead workers to behave unsafely and then explain the psychology and rationale behind the BBS Approach and how it helps addressing human factors. It will highlight merits of BBS Approach to Safety (Proactive vs. reactive), which uses top down leadership and bottom up engagement to close the ‘behavior gap’.

Then, the paper will start with a brief overview of BBS Efforts in KOC in Phase 1 and 2 with DuPont (Preparatory) and Phase 3 "On the Job" BBS implementation through Coaching & Mentoring with Quality Safety Edge. Then, it will explain the (a) Rational behind Phase 3 BBS Implementation Approach and give (b) An Overview of BBS Implementation Process (Observations & feedback on critical behaviors-Area team data review & action planning-Steering Committee review & action planning-Recognition & celebrations). It will also highlight the Role played by BBS/HSE Videos in success of BBS Implementation.

Facility-Specific Observation Check List developed based on at-risk behaviors that caused incidents will be presented, followed by presenting of Safety Survey Questionnaire developed for Safety Surveys and Observation Check Lists developed for measuring the level of compliance with select HSE Procedures (Permit to Work, Job Safety Analysis, Emergency Response and Driving) and explain how HSE Behavioral Indicators are calculated.

Then the paper will highlight the improvements achieved in KOC Facilities through BBS implementation by contrasting Post-BBS Implementation Statistics vis-a-vis Pre-BBS Implementation Statistics in respect of Safety Survey Findings, Level of compliance with select HSE Procedures (PTW, JSA, ER and Driving) and HSE Behavioral Indicators on KOC Overall basis.

Changing behaviors is a long drawn process requiring consistent efforts. Yet KOC has achieved significant improvements as Post-BBS Implementation surveys & statistics reveal.

KOC has gained immense firsthand experience in implementing BBS in Middle Eastern Culture, highly resistant to change. The paper shares KOC's experience, not only what all we did right, but also what/where all we could have done better.. As human behavior is a persistent common issue, such sharing will be of immense practical value to Oil & Gas companies, operating in Middle East or any other part of the world.

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