Exploration in Kuwait have been conducted since 1934 with the opening of the Burgan field. Subsequent discovering new oilfields has left unattended Jurassic evaporitic Gotnia and Hith sequence that initially was considered as the main hydrocarbon seal for the underlying Jurassic reservoirs. This understanding has changed following the latest hydrocarbon discovery in Raudhatain field in the North of Kuwait.

In addition, the studied Gotnia and Hith formations are equivalent to the Arab Formation, which is the main oil-bearing stratum with highly porous limestone reservoirs, distributed in neighboring Saudi Arabia and UAE. The discovery in Raudhatain field could imply that the evaporites of Gotnia and Hith formations are part of the regional hydrocarbon play system within the Arabian Peninsula and it has opened up a huge opportunity for exploration and production of oil and gas from untapped reserves over entire Kuwait.

To continue investigation, detailed mapping of Gotnia and Hith sequences over Burgan and Magwa areas in SE of Kuwait showing the similar four-way closures as the Raudhatain field, which are dissected by set of faults NW-SE, E-W and N-S orientations. Fault system interpretation has been carried out with the help of seismic structural attribute analysis; detailed geological correlation of available well logs (limited openhole logs) allowed defining thin limestone layers in anhydrite and estimating their distribution through Burgan and Magwa structures.

Integrated G&G study has shown that most hydrocarbon potential in Gotnia and Hith formations is directly linked to limestone thicknesses. Thin limestone layers imbedded within the anhydrite units act as the reservoir, the main challenge is the estimation of these beds continuity from a seismic scale. Well logging in the mentioned formations was also challenge due to high pressure/temperature nature of these rocks but to date wireline logging has been adopted.

This study will show the workflows used in identifying and mapping the various hydrocarbon bearing units over Burgan and Magwa areas, which will make substantial contribution increasing the Jurassic hydrocarbon potential in Kuwait.

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