Raudhatain Field North Kuwait is produced with approximately 500 oil wells of which over 200 use Electrical Submersible Pumps (ESP). The ESP is used as a production mechanism to supplement the natural reservoir drive of the wells. Downhole monitoring of the ESP system is one of the most important aspects in maximizing ESP performance with the final objective of increasing in ESP run life and maximize oil production.

An old ESP Monitoring system was introduced few years back, however the application and utilization did not fully support the concept of ESP Real Time Monitoring. The new ESP Real Time Monitoring system has been recently introduced to complement the old system. This new system has more significant improvement over the old system. A SCADA system has been utilized to transmit ESP data from well site to the server in the office that allows the engineers to retrieve real time data, monitor the parameters and perform analysis and take necessary actions in the well.

Advances in measurement technology have made ever increasing amounts of real time information available for monitoring both pump and well performance. Parameters such multiple downhole pressure readings, temperature and vibration, well head pressure readings as well as the traditional operating voltages and amperages are not only available, but available in real-time at the engineers desk top. Having all of this data on our desk tops has created an environment that allows the engineer to change for a reactive monitoring approach as problems are identified, to a proactive tool, catching potential issues before they become problematic to the ESP performance. The ability of the new ESP Real Time Monitoring Tool to perform data trending of an ESP for any date or time frame, evaluating either some or all of the critical parameters, has allowed the engineers in Raudhatain field to analyze ESP performance more accurately through trend analysis. This allows an engineer to review well performance in a matter of minutes compared to the hours used in the past. This has helped the engineers in making faster more accurate decisions. This paper will address several examples where ESP real-time monitoring lead to an incremental of 3,000 BOPD production

North Kuwait Raudhatain field will continue the utilization of this ESP Real Time Monitoring system and seek further improvement. This paper will describe the system, share our experiences and show how the system helps in ESP optimization and, thus maximize production.

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