This paper highlights the tremendous impact of real-time data transmission and visualization on hydraulic fracturing, also known as "fracing." Here, we will focus on tight reservoirs. Utilizing the advanced real-time visualization system with high-resolution data transmission enables the frac engineers to achieve promising results, and ensures effective decision making and data substantiation from real-time fracing centers at their base offices.

Saudi Aramco adopted single-viewer visualization solutions to support a wide range of different operations with a single system through which Aramco users can simultaneously monitor various activities, including drilling and post-drilling activities with ease. This solution was approved to support the high supremacy of hydraulic fracking operation and their requirements by attaining the high speed of data transmission and visualization at the rate of minimum one-second data. The data transmitted all the way from the rig site to the base monitoring centers and displayed on customizable templates to meet the requirements of the data visualization with real-time calculations.

The importance of real-time monitoring micro-seismic data is the key tool to determine the frequency of hydraulic fracturing during frac operations. This type of operation needs to be verified with the simulation models, and the whole range of complex operations is made possible with the advance technique to transmit real-time data. This real-time data was used for monitoring and treating wells at the most required rate of data availability at the base where complete optimization teams utilize different simulation applications to connect direct real-time data feeds, which are used to capitalize on the industry-standard well data transmission protocol (WITSML).

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