Treating of Iraqi asphaltic binder produced from Al – Dura refinery by either oxygenation or 4% sulfur or 4% nitric acid improved the penetration from 241 mm down to 92 mm, 68 mm, 63 mm respectively and improved the softening point from 39 °C up to 49 °C, 50 °C, 52 °C respectively also, improved the ductility from 73 cm up to 100 cm, 102 cm, 106 cm respectively.

Subjecting of these treated asphaltic binders to Iraqi environmental conditions, the rheological properties not changed during 14 months. The studied environmental conditions were included subjecting of the treated asphaltic binder samples to sunlight, water immersion, 1kg load, both sunlight and 1kg load, both water immersion and 1kg load, both sunlight and water immersion and both sunlight, water immersion and 1kg load. Compared with base asphaltic binder supplied directly from refinery without treatment which failed immediately during one week.

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