Produced water is any water that is present in a reservoir with the hydrocarbon resource and is produced to the surface with crude oil or natural gas. The major components of produced water are oil, grease, TDS, many organic and inorganic compounds. These components vary greatly from location to location and even over time in the same well.

For Iraqi petroleum fields, the produced water in most cases is discarded into evaporation ponds outside the fields and this causes serious environmental problems for air, soil, and ground water. On the other hand, huge quantities of treated fresh water from rivers are used for injection in the petroleum wells to increase the productivity of petroleum fields from the oil in so called Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR). A prediction study conducted by South Oil Company (SOC) indicated that the production rate of produced water in North Rumaila field varies (290000- 800000 BBL/day) from 2011 to 2028. For the above mentioned reasons, a joint research team from Petroleum Research and Development Center (PRDC) and SOC has formed to find solutions for produced water treatment to be suitable for reinjection purposes. In the beginning of 2010, a memorandum has been signed between Iraqi side (PRDC) and Japanese side (JCCP, WRPC, SWING) to start a joint project of PW treatment for reinjection application. Iraqi side collected the data related to the quantities and qualities of of PW in SOC, determined the required specifications for re- injected water and also selected the PW of South Rumaila field (Degassing Station NO.1) to be treated for reinjection. The joint research team (Iraqi & Japanese) hold several technical meetings to identify the PW problem and put the more suitable technology for treatment. The general philosophy of treatment was agreed by the the joint research team. SWING Company has adopted construction of a pilot plant (total capacity 10m3/day) to test the efficiency of the proposal treatment on ARTIFICIAL PW. Iraqi side provided the Japanese side with the types and concentrations of salts that required to prepare an ARTIFICIAL PW with similar properties of natural PW.Two Iraqi persons have been delegated to Japan for one month for training on installation and operation of pilot plant. After acquiring the skills of installation and operation by Iraqi operators, the pilot plant has been shipped to South Rumela field (Degassing Station NO.1) and installed by Iraqi operational team. The obtained results of the treated PW properties by the pilot plant were very good and met to the required specifications of water for reinjection.

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