At the beginning of each field development there are Field Development Plans (FDPs) made with great detail on how facilities will be built to support that development. After several years of development the initial assumptions and originally documented field development plan change because of new reservoir information, market changes, etc. FDPs are then changed to Field Depletion Plans or Asset developments Plans. However, the level of detail of the corresponding facility plans to support the updated plans are usually not comprehensive enough to support the planned field depletion plans or asset development plans.

In Wafra Joint Operations, the lack of facility plans led to an inflated budget request log in excess of $800 MM. In short, the budget request log lacked comprehensiveness, did not show interlinks between budget request line items, did not tie in facility upgrades with asset development plans, and lacked prioritization. These issues in turn reduced capital efficiency, lead to excessive lost production events, constrained supply chain with low valued added facility upgrades, and in the misappropriation of the available engineering resources.

There are many papers and case studies1, 2, 3  that show how to comprehensively develop Field Development Plans. However, there has been little work on how to update or revise those facility plans after the field development plans are changed to asset development or depletion plans. In latter, different focus areas are required. The sections below will show how the facility plans for Wafra Joint Operations were developed into the Strategic Facilities Plan.

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