AVAILS+ is a short-term forecasting tool designed to lead the production assurance efforts of the North Kuwait Asset (Sabriyah, Raudhatain, Ratqa, Abdali, and Bahrah fields of the Kuwait Oil Company).

The tool has been developed jointly between KOC North Kuwait (KOC NK) and Quantum Reservoir Impact (QRI®). AVAILS+ design principles are firmly rooted within RCAA® (Reservoir Competency Asymmetric Assessment)1, QRI's empirically-driven investigative process for qualifying and quantifying reservoir fundamentals.

As a technology, the tool can best be described as an ‘Enterprise Mashup’, a collection of E&P data stores integrated into a reservoir analytics engine with dashboards for tracking primary drivers of the production forecast. This high degree of data integration coupled with its visual nature (dashboards) enable better cross organization transparency and collaboration with respect to execution of the recovery plan for production assurance.

There is nothing novel about short-term forecasts, metrics, dashboards or fit-for-purpose databases—all of which are components of this Enterprise Mashup. What is unique is the way in which AVAILS+ elegantly unifies these components into a strategic decision-making engine for the North Kuwait organization. There have been genuine new insights within this business intelligence approach to managing the reservoirs of NK, all leading the workforce to an improved understanding of reservoir fundamentals and, consequently, better, more informed and timely decisions.

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