The Oil and Gas Industry requires 4H: High Investments, High Technology, High Risks and High skillful manpower. The Industry are facing difficult situation on obtaining local skillful manpower with high tech calibers due to unmatched between the Industry needs and the supplies of the educational institutions. Education is one of the key milestones stipulated in the Millenium Development Goals (MDGs).

Despite most of the MDGs are achieved or progressing, there are several goals needs major attention or required hard works. UN Secretary General Ban Ki - Moon in a UN report on the MDGs in 2013 confirms the global conditions associated with the level of achievement of the MDGs as a whole lot of progress. The proportion of urban slum dwellers is significantly decreased. Indonesia for example from 2000 to 2010 has been reduced from 34 % to 23 %. Likewise, the amount of decrease in TB patients and the fight against Malaria, and improvement efforts in health and basic education. On the MDG targets on Education that need hard works: the number of children out of school declined by almost half from 102 million to 57 million. While the MDG targets on Education that need attention: Poor children are three times likely to drop out of school compared with wealthier households. Indonesia keeps improving the quality of education. From 1945 to nowadays Indonesia has changed into better improved curriculum for 10 times. However, the quality is still considered to be "low". The PISA data shows that in the very last year, the score of student's ability in reading is 393, in mathematics 393, in problem solving 361, while the international average score is 450. This situation is caused by the low teacher's quality: 48,69% of the teachers do not have sufficient qualification of education and 70% of teachers are not certified yet. Furthermore, there are some problems of current education curriculum in Indonesia such as the content of the current curriculum is too much and it is not based on competence.

The national ratio of student and teacher numbers in elementary school level is 1:20 which means one teacher has to teach 20 students. It is better than the situation in Singapore ((1:25), Korea (1:31), and Philippines (1:35). The condition of secondary level is about similar. It is 1:15 in Indonesia which is better than Malaysia (1:18), China (1:19), or Thailnad (1:25). In fact, Indonesia still has the problem of uneven distribution of teachers. It really affects the quality of education in Indonesia. PISA shows that Indonesia is at the 34th out of 41 countries. In science, Indonesia is the 38th out of 41 countries.

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