The development of new and above all complete and efficient yield from the crude oil and natural gas fields already accessed on all the continents and in all the oceans. Today's challenge is that most of the conventional oil reservoirs are declining and that the importance of the unconventional Heavy Crude Oil reservoirs is becoming bigger and bigger. Hence the world has over 3 trillion bbl Heavy Crude Oil reserves; it covers the world energy needs for the next 100 years. Such unconventional crude oils cannot be handled in the traditional way.

The INDUSTRY works by known mostly with static dewatering and desalting systems using electrostatic fields, chemicals, temperature and the g-force for separation of oil and water. These systems have their limitations when it comes to lower API grades and higher viscosities in capacity and quality. A reliable alternative to the traditional desalting process is the usage of high-speed centrifuges. The system can handle low-API grades and high viscous oils and provide in the same time an excellent quality crude oil even by one stage process. Because of the high g- forces and separation efficiency the overall cost per barrel crude oil can be decreased as temperature, using of chemicals, wash water and electrical consumption can be reduced. The design of the disk-stack centrifuge with the direct-drive concept ensures a minimalized foot print of the installation.

High-speed centrifuges are used successfully in the exploration, delivery and treatment of crude oils and oily water applications. They combine efficiency, reliability and environmental conservation in a broad spectrum of highly specialized applications.

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