The Heterogeneity Index (HI) process was utilized in order to demonstrate production gain opportunities in a very short period of time, in a large mature ME field with around 500 wells producing from different reservoirs. The HI process provided a quick screening method of identifying preliminary candidate wells with anomalous behavior (over/under performance) for further analysis and most importantly, provided the foundation for the overall Structure Production Approach.

This process; HI, can be calculated by utilizing OFM. A Cross Hair Plot has also been utilized to show the comparison of the HI of two variables in the same plot, creating an easy way to identify wells behaving differently from the average. The cross hair plot can be combined with X-Y Coordinated plot which reproduces the location of the wells.

The results from this screening tool were utilized to identify the families of productivity problems at field level, and additional fast screening was done at well level to identify candidates for production enhancement. Representative Wells were selected for detailed diagnostics based on the relevance and size of productivity impact and, the potential of its production rate or well deliverability.

Once a few "top potential" wells were identified, production engineering workflows were implemented in order to assess and forecast the potential of production incremental and try to determine and evaluate the best probable action.

Some of the key innovate workflows used to complement production enhancement were: Time- lapse nodal analysis (honoring production history and neighboring wells), rate transient analysis (to consume sporadic/low frequency production data), single wellbore modeling (based on logs and flow units), among others.

This paper will demonstrate the Production Enhancement Technologies Methodology, in particular the HI process with real examples; pending on data release approval from the owner and the progress of the operations.

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