During the year 2011-12 the Company had 487 incidents out of which 92% were of minor nature. As per Company procedure all incidents must be investigated. Accordingly all moderate & major category incidents are investigated whereas same is not the situation for minor incidents considering its large number; which require time & resource for proper investigation. It is a fact that minor incidents are indicators of moderate & major incidents demanding essential investigation of minor incidents to prevent moderate & major accidents.

Consequently with customized & user friendly approach, a web based module for incident investigation was developed in house through ‘HSE Live’ an online incident reporting & data management tool. Module is customized to KOC Incident Investigation & Corrective Action Procedure converting Comprehensive List of Causes into a web based application. Application takes into account the main constituents of immediate & root cause such as - Unsafe Act, Unsafe Condition, Personal Factors & Job Factors. Each potential cause has 6 different probabilities and each probability enquires about 7 likely situations. Module assists investigators in managing entire investigation process starting from formulation of investigation committee, identifying immediate cause & root cause, recommendations, action items, till generation & issuance of investigation report along with follow up action.

The utility of web based application was tested for an online actual reported incident utilizing the test server of HSE Live Portal. Subsequently the application was demonstrated before HSE Leadership and further upgraded considering their valuable suggestions.

Internally developed web based incident investigation module is a unique and innovative tool which is totally customized, extremely practical as well as user friendly. The paper shall demonstrate a typical but realistic web based application for incident investigation with optimum use of time and resource aiming prevention of incident recurrence.

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