With the goal of reducing non-productive time (NPT) and increasing operational efficiency, KOC decided to implement pilot projects to evaluate feasibility of intelligent digital oilfield (iDOF) concepts. The Kuwait integrated digital oil field in the Sabriyah field (KwIDF Sabriyah) pilot was implemented as a tool for real-time collaborative diagnosis and optimization of a water-flooded giant carbonate reservoir within the Sabriyah field.

Initiated in 2011, KwIDF Sabriyah is currently extensively used for the monitoring and optimization of (a) waterflood, (b) electrical submersible pump (ESP), and (c) gas lift (GL) systems. KwIDF Sabriyah has increased the operational efficiency in many areas of daily engineering activities, including (a) reduction of excessive time spent on data acquisition and validation, (b) significant reduction of time on the identification of the root of failure of equipment, (c) collaborative decision-making with key stakeholders, (d) minimization of time between decision to execution by means of operations support services, and (e) prompt re-evaluation of optimization initiatives soon after implementation.

This paper illustrates how the automated workflows are used by describing a typical working day at the KwIDF Sabriyah Collaboration Centre (CC) where the visualization of real-time well production parameters are provided to an integrated multidisciplinary team consisting of reservoir, production, process and well surveillance engineers. This environment supports the cooperative and proactive decisions never before achieved while functioning, not only in physically remote locations, but also in departmental silos within the company. An extensive case history is also provided to illustrate the new way work is being achieved and how it is adding value with ease, with the support of KwIDF Sabriyah workflows platform. The achieved results are reported in terms of sustained oil gain.

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