As part of KOC strategy to develop the technical skills of the new recruits this paper will present a series of best practices related to decision workflows during drilling of horizontal wells through a recognized multidisciplinary team which optimized the preparation level and knowledge standard for the young generation through practical workshop and in short period.

The best practices identified included aspects related to reservoir management, location selection, subsurface characterization and drilling specifics. Those were the key elements in the preparation of the technical training with the support of a multidisciplinary team that proved beneficial to the decision processes and issues faced during drilling in real time workflows. However optimization of a well needs skill, knowledge, right vision and experience, hence the results of the extensive drilling campaign and different cases of horizontal wells allowed the establishment of a practical training workshop protocol using actual acquired data for the planning, follow-up and assessment of drilling operations, which is now used in Fields Development South and East Kuwait. The practical workshop encompassed two case histories of horizontal wells where good decision procedure resulted in avoiding complications during drilling and effectively optimized most of the drilling path.

This practical, interactive workshop was successful in developing with an integrated framework, the necessary skills in the participants, in all technical disciplines involved, namely Geosciences, Petroleum Engineering and Reservoir Engineering, in a pioneer effort of the Greater Burgan teams, not used before in KOC for training.

The impact of this workshop was to enhance the experience of the young professionals in Petroleum Engineering, Geoscience interpretation and Reservoir Management, as well as to build their integrated knowledge on horizontal drilling for the benefit of KOC, across all Directorates and possibly applicable to other oil companies.

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