Every field development plan should go through a ‘quantitative’ option ranking process in order to select the optimum scenario for developing that field. Doing so efficiently will help in identifying the optimum project concept for the delivery of value to Kuwait Oil Company.

An example of where such a ranking process was essential was in the development plan for the Minagish Reservoir in the Greater Burgan Field. Within South-East Kuwait asset, this reservoir has to be treated ‘unconventionally’ since its Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) concentration is high, in relation to the ability of the existing facilities to handle sour crude production. This has contributed to the low recovery factor from this reservoir which has been on production for over 50 years. Therefore, a new surface development plan for this reservoir had to be generated to assist KOC in meeting/sustaining its production targets for the year 2020 onward.

The choice for optimum surface production scenario came through a ‘quantitative’ ranking process. This can be broken down into a number of separate steps:

  1. Agree to the objectives of the project and the value added to KOC.

  2. Capture production options and development concepts to meet the objectives of the project. This was done through a number of brainstorming sessions. The team involved came from several areas of the company with different backgrounds.

  3. These options were screened for viability for implementation.

  4. Agree to the ranking criteria for the project to determine appropriateness in terms of delivering value and meeting objectives.

  5. Rank each of the chosen options against the selection criteria agreed. This will provide the most appropriate concept(s) to be considered for detailed engineering.

Such a ranking process was particularly useful in this case because of the number of options available and broad range of project objectives. It is recommended to consider this method for ranking options in future projects. This paper describes the facility selection process implemented for the Minagish reservoir development plan.

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