The paper presents how Total has built a reference system which aims at guiding its working force (internal and contracted staff) wherever they are and act, in implementing the Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility (HSSE &SR) policy of the Company. That policy can be summed up as the following: no harm to the people or to the environment; no loss of assets; ensure that the business benefits to the communities where activities take place, on the long term.

On top is the HSE&Q Charter, signed by the CEO. It defines key principles. These are translated into Headquarters Company Rules. Based on them, the Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Branch has defined its core rules, which are to be applied to all its entities, headquarters and affiliates. Each of them addresses one topic identified in the HSSE&SR management system. The prescriptions of these rules are refined in daughter rules, general specifications, and guidance manuals, etc.

Such a system must be flexible enough to adapt to local regulations as national regulations are always on top of the hierarchy. To ensure that there is no loophole Total has strictly defined how any voluntary deviation of its rules must be addressed to ensure the adequate risk control.

The last but not least steps are implementation of the reference system, training of the people, auditing process, and management of change. The network of HSSE&SR leaders, in the headquarters and on every site plays a key role in making the system efficient.

Regulations and expectations have dramatically changed during the recent years. The company responded to these changes, and has a policy to anticipate future changes.

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