Wireless technology is changing every aspect of the process control industry in the same way it is changing our everyday lives. Being able to quickly and cost effectively obtain real-time data from anywhere in the field at any time is essential for an industrial automation system. The obvious advantage of wireless automation is the immediate savings that can be realized in installation and maintenance-wireless installation typically costs as much as 50% less than the wired alternative. Industrial wireless automation isn't just about data acquisition and process control; but it is also about ensuring effective solutions for workforce mobility, equipment monitoring and equipment safety, physical and cyber security, and personnel safety.

The following paper describes the latest advancements in industrial wireless, explains how wireless solutions can be used to address Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) challenges in a typical processing operation, provides a guide to select the correct wireless infrastructure for industrial plants and makes an attempt to explain how the wireless technology acts as a true enabler and catalyst to ensure a Safe and Efficient operation of industrial facilitites

This paper makes an attempt to summarize various aspects of a Wireless infrastructure right from understanding challenges facing the industry today to why wireless is applicable and how it acts as an enabler technology. We will also try and understand where wireless can be used in industrial environment and also answer a very important question about what is the right choice for you when it comes to chosing a wireless infrastructure. The paper concludes by summarizing some important tips around designing a wireless infrastructure and benefits for an end user

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