This study was conducted in Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) in an effort to reduce electrical losses from electromagnetic ballasts used for fluorescent lighting, reduce CO2 emission contributions, and decrease annual replacement cycles; a thorough survey was conducted in all South and East Kuwait (SEK) Directorate facilities to determine the type of ballasts being utilized to compute the losses resulting from the use of electromagnetic ballasts. Comparing the losses in electromagnetic ballasts and electronic ballasts using the CELMA (Federation of National Manufacturers Associations For Luminaires and electromechanical components for Luminaires in the European Union) standards, we were able to conclude that losses up to 1,398,412 kwh per year or aproximatly 25%, and at 830g emitted for the utilization of 1 kwh in Kuwait, emissions reductions up to 1,162 Tonnes of CO2 or aproximatly 25% can be achieved through a direct replacement of all electromagnetic ballasts with electronic ballasts. Furthermore, replacement cycles were also reduced due to a 40% increase in average life, which would reduce the operating cost by 45% over 50,000 operating hours. Hence, the utilization of electronic ballasts is more efficient, environmentally friendly, and cost effective than using the electromagnetic ballasts.

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