The North Kuwait Jurassic Gas (NKJG) reservoirs are currently under development by KOC with assistance from Shell under an Enhanced Technical Services Agreement (ETSA). The fractured carbonate reservoirs contain gas condensate and volatile oil at pressures up to 11,500 psi with 2.5% H2S and 1.5% CO2. This paper describes the planning and implementation of a Well Integrity Management System (WIMS) that allows the safe management of the wells that are being drilled in this hazardous environment.

The wells are designed and constructed in accordance with KOC standards and on transfer of ownership from Deep Drilling Group to Production Services Group have their integrity managed under WIMS. The system is a structured process, relating the frequency and extent of routine monitoring and testing to the particular risks associated with the wells. Compliance with WIMS requirements are routinely reported so that all are aware of the current state of well integrity. WIMS is initially managed through simple spreadsheets and during 2012 is being integrated into KOC's Digital Field infrastructure.

Initially, WIMS has been applied to the range of wells ‘owned’ by Production Services Group and tests currently carried out by Well Surveillance Group under PSG's direction. In order to realise the full assurance of safe operation the scope of WIMS application is being extended to the full well population, including suspended wells, and the full range of tests required.

Implementation of WIMS will allow KOC (NKJG) to be able to state that ‘our wells are safe and we know it’.

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