Production logging has been traditionally used for zonal quantification of layers for identification of most obvious workover for water shut off, acid wash or reperforation candidate identification. The basic sensors help in making some of the critical decisions for immediate gain in oil production or reduction in water cut. However, this technology can be used in a non standard format for various purposes including multilayer testing to obtain layer wise permeability and skin factor using pressure and flow rate transient data acquired with production logging tools. This is very crucial and complements the present wellbore flow phenomenon to better understand relative zonal performance of well at any stage of its production. In addition, production logging along with the pulsed neutron technique is very crucial to evaluate the complete wellbore phenomenon, understand some of the behind the production string fluid flow behaviors. Another major concern in low flow rate wells is recirculation, causing fall back of heavier water phase while lighter phase like oil and gas move upwards. This well bore phenomenon renders the quantification from production logging string, and this in extension also prevents any comprehensive workover decisions on the well because of the risk involved. Oil rate computation from hydrocarbon bubble rates becomes very critical in such scenarios to bring out the most optimal results and enhance confidence in workover decisions. Another key concern in any reservoir is to evaluate the productivity Index; this is even more critical once the field is on production. It is essential to determine the performance of various commingled layers and reform the Injector producer strategy for pressure support or immediate workover. Selective Inflow performance is a technique used to identify the Productivity index of various layers in a commingled situation. This paper elaborates on various non conventional uses of production logging from the western offshore India.

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