At Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) most of the ESP wells are running with downhole sensors to enhance the daily monitoring routine and for having a better knowledge of the pumps performances. However, one of the most important parameter of these ESP Wells is only known after a time period within 3-6 months: The Flow Rate. Production Tests are obtained using Multiphase Flow Testing Units which usually last between 4 and 6 hours that are also utilized to conduct some sensitivities such as choke size and motor speed changes. At Well Surveillance Group, a tailored fit model was developed from which the ESP flow rate can be estimated based on the downhole sensor data and basic fluid properties with an overall deviation below 2% (when they are compared to the results obtained from the Testing Unit). In this sense, flow rate monitoring can be performed at any time and flow testing time and associated cost can be reduced among other benefits. The method requires knowing the ESP model and total number of stages installed in the well, and then using the corresponding performance curve of the ESP model usually provided by the manufacturer, the data is processed and the calculation performed. This work aims to show how this model works, advantages, limitations, implementation status and future improvements.

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