whole level of the erosion and the resistance of rocks which were composed closured have been studied, besides, the impact of temperature and laser irradiation for more investigation about this issue has been involved before all. This subject more reveals the matter which laser absorption on the laboratory scale using laser to what extent can cause the augment of the relative permeability and secondary porosity of reservoir rock, that of the vertical and horizontal useful connectivity and eventually that of the positive transferability.

This research has been carried out in the form of case study on one of Iranian south west formations in north east of Behbahan city in Iran, either the rate or generation of forming the subtle and large fractures has been studied by considering and preparing this section from rocks of stratified sequence of the laboratory area before and after the laser irradiation operation and various analyzer by the means of Spectrophotometer and advanced electron microscope. It should be noted that during the erosion and ablation in the laser drilling operation in the experimental rocks of considered field, given the capability of the field, the formation and field lithology we observed the creation of fractures at the level of micro and nano simultaneously whose vacant spaces were positive, and reservoir and some others were neutral, this fractures can be created by the rate of crude oil absorption. The main purpose of this study is to advance the operations towards the higher technology in order to the better efficiency in the field of the well completion to be gained improving the rate of oil production by the introduction of this modern method of improving and fracturing reservoir which uses certain specialized parameters and indicators, and, finally, the certain method that might be a better way to use laser irradiation on our chosen formation of Iran.

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