Drilled-cuttings circulated by drill-mud through the wellbore, while drilling is in progress, can be a clue to many inimical circumstances such as the ‘mechanical sticking of the drill-string’, ‘presence of abnormal pressure zone or gas bearing zone’ etc. If the cuttings are accumulated around the BHA, in the section of hole being drilled, owing to the contexts, such as, ‘insufficient mud annular velocity’, ‘improper composition of the mud’ or ‘increased penetration rate’, it leads to ‘drill-string stuck-up’ which can cost a substantial amount of money. This paper proposes a novel technique, which can generate and transmit the real-time images of wellbore around the BHA, thus, enabling real time monitoring of the flow path of freshly drilled cuttings, being flushed and circulated out by drill-mud. Real-time images of ‘the area around BHA’, facilitates live monitoring of well cuttings, thus, provide a valuable information regarding cuttings that are being accumulated around the BHA. The produced thermal images of ‘generated cuttings’ can provide valuable input for the selection of certain drilling parameters, such as, type of bit to be used, ‘equivalent circulation density & viscosity of mud’ to be maintained etc., thus, enhahancing the efficiency of drilling-mud circulation system.

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