The use of multiphase flow meters (MPFM) for surface well production metering without separation of the phases is now an established practice in the oil industry and is a key element for production allocation, well performance optimization and reservoir monitoring.

In parallel, the demand for mobile testing with multiphase flow meters service is increasing and the challenges to face are numerous due to the wide range of wells flowrates, fluid characteristics (from heavy oil to gas-rich applications) and flow conditions (emulsions, foam, slug…).

Based on years of experience in field surveillance and multiphase flow metering, a new multiphase flow meter, designed to cover accurately both multiphase and wet gas flow conditions has been developped. The technology choices rely on robust and proven measurement principles used in multiphase flows while further developments have secured the performances under challenging conditions.

This paper describes the development of the solutions that allow this MPFM to achieve high performance in all flow conditions and presents the results obtained in various flow loops in the past two years.

Results confirm the accuracy of the technology under multiphase and wet gas conditions that will address a request of oil and gas producers for high performance metering systems.

This technology has been implemented in a compact and rugged mobile testing unit designed for mobile production testing. It includes two independent measuring sections (2" and 4") to cover low to high flow rate conditions. This feature, associated with the high performance of the measurement in multiphase and wet gas, provides a versatile service solution well-adapted to the various fluid and flow conditions encountered in oil & gas fields.

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