In view of the problem that there is a good agreement with big porosity while a bifurcation with small porosity in practical applications of the method that a linear function of the conversion scale is used to construct NMR capillary pressure curves, it is proved by profound analysis of the morphologic characteristics of mercury intrusion capillary pressure curves that capillary pressure curves can be constructed continuously only if the mercury saturation corresponding to different mercury pressures is calculated. Based on the theory of J function and the classical SDR model, by analyzing 50 core samples, the mercury injection experiment and NMR measurement of which are taken simultaneously, a NMR capillary pressure curve constructing method is put forward and a model of NMR capillary pressure curve construction is established. Accuracy of the new method is verified by analysis of morphologic characteristics of the mercury injection capillary pressure curves comparing with the real ones. Processing analysis of the well A01 of an oilfield is carried out with the method to evaluate the reservoir pore structure and calculate the original reservoir water saturation. The result shows that the method is effective and its deployment can be carried out in the oilfields.

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