Gas condensate reservoirs suffer losses in well productivity due to near wellbore condensate dropout when the flowing bottomhole pressure declines below the dew point pressure. Gas injection is one of common practices used to alleviate this problem and develop gas condensate reservoirs.

In this study the gas injection process is investigated on one of Iranian Gas Fields. The reservoir model consisting of 8670 cells (51×34×5) has been constructed by using the petrophysical and geological data. By performing a successful history matching, running different scenarios has been performed to investigate the production and injection potential of the reservoir. The ultimate recovery factor is predicted to be about 67% of the original gas in place. The maximum injection rate was obtained about 7 MMscm/d for a period of 25 years. It was found that in order to inject 10 MMscm gas into the reservoir, 10 new wells should be drilled.

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