The Stable Mul system is a unique water external micro-emulsion. The internal phase can be 60-80% hydrocarbon, with the preferred ratio being 70%. The basic components are: water, oil of any type (mineral, vegetal, diesel, polyalpha-olefins, etc.), emulsifier and stabilizers

Some characteristics of the Stable Mul system are:

  • Low density system (solid free), initial mud weight 7.4 PPG

  • No formation damage

  • Excellent carrying capacity.

  • Stable to temperature up to 300°F.

The Stable Mul has been successfully used as drilling fluid for horizontals, verticals and multilateral wells. Up to August 1998, more than 100 wells have been drilled, some of them with horizontal section longer than 3000 feet. As Drilling fluid, Stable Mul increases R.O.P. with minimum or not risk of stuck pipe, lost of circulation or formation damage.

Wells drilled and/or completed with Stable Mul increased their production rate about 30 % in comparison to wells drilled with water base (polymer) or oil based mud. Due to the excellent results obtained with Stable Mul as Drilling, completion and work-over fluid in Venezuelan operations, we believe that this valuable experience needs to be shared with the rest of the world.

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