A second generation, highly portable, downhole video camera system for mechanical inspection of wellbores has been successfully tested and field deployed in several global locations. The technology employed is unique from previous camera inspection systems in that it can be deployed on conventional wireline and has a fast data rate providing images every 3.5 seconds independent of cable length. This technology provides operators in remote locations a 舠fly away舡 diagnostic tool providing visual information of downhole problems and conditions. Visual inspection of downhole problems provides clear, definitive information, giving operators the highest possible confidence in remediation of problem wells. Because any conventional cable can be used, this camera system will provide video inspection when: 1) the well depth is too deep for full motion video systems, 2) corrosive fluids are present, 3) temperatures above 300°F are present, 4) the well is horizontal and the tools can only be deployed by coiled tubing or well tractor, and 5) rapid deployment is necessary including remote locations where other camera systems could not be mobilized on short notice.

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