In last years, a number of horizontal wells has been drilled in Shengli Oilfield for increasing recoverable reserves, advancing economic benefits of new oilfield and developing previous unrecoverable resources, including extra-heavy oil in deep reservoir. Due to most of the heavy oil reservoirs are unconsolidated, it is needed to adopt the high temperature sand control completion technique to meet the requirements of the thermal recovery.

The high temperature pre-pack screen was used. It is a successful method for sand control, but the gravel liners breakdown easily while go through the bending intervals of the wells, thus, the effects and life of the liners will be decreased. In this case, a new metal-fiber screen was developed and used in 12 wells with different geological conditions. The success ratio for sand control reached 100%, and the oil production of individual wells achieved the expected volume. This method can be used in wells of 4265∼4921 ft depth and under high temperature more than 665°F.

This paper describes the completion and sand control methods for horizontal wells used in Shengli Oilfield with emphasis on the study and field application of the metal-fiber screen.

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