For heavy oil production well, especially at the situation of cold production, it is essential to maintain enough flow energy of the fluid along the wellbore, hence, the temperature distribution in the wellbore at various conditions should be made certain so as to determine the reasonable production.way and equipments. At present, the most effective measure is to heat the oil using hollow pump rod with an electric cable inside.

In this paper, a mathematic model, which was successfully estabished to represent electrical heating with a cable in hollow pump rod, is described. It considers the heat transfer mechanisms of conduction, convection and radiation and the changes of physical properties and thermal properties of mixtures of oil and water. This model is practical and the calculation results can provide basis to design the production of heavy oil well, such as power supply capacity, depth of cable, production rate etc, can be determined and optimized. Its application in Jidong oilfield, which has indicated it is very effective, is also discussed.

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