Ng2 formation of fault block Cao-20 in Le'an Oilfield is a sand gravel heavy oil pool. Numerical simulation was run on two well patterns of inverted 9-spot with different lithology and well spacing as pilot areas for steam drive test. On the basis of history match of huff and puff with 3-D multi-well and multi-cycle, the prediction of simulation of thermal recovery is combined with the method of input and output using two type of tubings, the right time converting to steam drive and operation conditions for steam injection was optimized from the economic point of view. By integrating the research results, the optimum recommendation for the field has been put forward. In order to improve the steam drive recovery, the prediction on the result of infilling well pattern and minimizing the downhole flowing pressure of producers has been made. Moreover, the analysis of displacement mechanism of steam drive period, evaluation of the result of steam drive, and comparison of the similarities and differences of geology and production of two well groups have been made.

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