A new highly accurate steam measurement system has been developed for the measurement of steam quality and flow rate. This system consists of a "V" cone (differential pressure device) and a vortex meter (velocity device) in series, along with temperature and pressure sensors all interfacing with an electronic datalogger. These basic mechanical meters are both rugged and relatively inexpensive for field monitoring purposes. Tests performed in active steam drive projects prove the viability of this system. As a result, every injector in our Coalinga field (around 100 steam injectors) have been economically justified for utilizing this new technology, Ever since the application of steam for commercial EOR operations, the petroleum industry has been searching for a method to determine both steam quality and flow rate for monitoring, analyzing and optimizing steam drive projects. This paper presents an overview of the new system, the background and development work that has been completed to date, and the reservoir analysis and economic justification required to implement this project.

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