The offering method of development of the high-viscous oil fields foresees the territorial and technological combination (TTC) of production and refining of them. It permits, on the basis of new technology, to carry out the closed process - from receipt of raw, as producing oil, to production of the finished products. Simultaneously, the heavy fractions of refining oil and smoke gases from a refinery plant are injected in a reservoir for combined impact to it.

Application of this technology can provide:

  • oil recovery coefficient - 0,5 and more,

  • degree of oil refining - 80 % and more,

  • increasing of ecological indices in 10 times and more in comparison with traditional technologies,

  • increasing of economical efficiency of oil production and refining in 2 times and more,

  • recovery of associated useful components (sulfur, vanadium, nickel, gypsum etc.) as commercial products.

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