The Energy and Utilities Board (EUB) has, as part of its mandate, responsibility for ensuring the orderly, efficient and economical development, in the public interest, of the oil sands resources of Alberta. With increased focus on oil sands production to replace conventional oil, the EUB sees bitumen production as playing an increasing role as a secure source of energy supply.

The EUB forecast of bitumen production from in situ oil sands projects shows an increase from 21 500 m3/d in 1994 to 33 000 m3/d by the year 2000. This forecast and the historical drilling and production patterns associated with commercial, experimental and primary recovery projects will be reviewed. In addition, comments on horizontal drilling activity and the production attributable to horizontal wells are provided.

Oil sands project development occurs using many different methods and in many different reservoirs. Data on production attributable to the various oil sands formations and the established reserves volumes to year-end 1994 are discussed.

The EUB also maintains a very extensive database on Alberta's oil sands production. A description of the data storage and dissemination capabilities is provided.

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