A one pattern steam foam field trial was conducted in the Amnicola sand in the steamfiood of Section 26W, Cymric Field. The pattern was located in an area in which downdip steam migration occurred, soon after steam injection began, as a result of well spacing (which skewed injectors closer to downdip producers) and channeling (due to vertical permeability stratification).

The primary objective of the trial was to economically minimize the downdip steam migration, and consequently improve the sweep efficiency of the steamfiood. Chevron Chaser™ SD1020 was continuously injected with steam and nitrogen for approximately seven months. Reservoir conditions and production were monitored and analyzed to determine the effectiveness of steam foam as a mobility control agent.

The field trial also identified non-foam alternatives effective in reducing downdip steam migration. Operating strategies employed in the steamfiood to accelerate early oil production were analyzed to understand their effect on the reservoir, given skewed well spacing and vertical permeability variation.

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