The purpose of this paper is to present the results obtained in the well LSJ-4057, Tia Juana field, Western Venezuela, by injecting steam and solvent simultaneously.

According to laboratory tests, industrial diesel, which is considered a medium weight solvent, showed to be the most compatible with the crude produced in the area, and because of its availability and lower cost, it was selected for the pilot test.

During this pilot test, which corresponded to the second cycle of steam injection of the well, a total of 31.5 MSTB [5 015 stocktank m3] of steam (cold water equivalent) was injected with 1876 STB [298 stock-tank m3] of solvent, in a 3-stage injection procedure.

The average initial production was 301 B/D [47.8 m3/D], resulting 63.6% higher than the average initial production rate for second cycle wells in the same area. Also, the cumulative production for a 30-month period was 85.9% higher than that of neighboring wells.

These results suggest the potentiality of this technique to increase the final recovery of oil by cyclic steam injection in heavy oil reservoirs.

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