The U.S. DUE has funded a program to "establish a body of valid heat loss data from an active steam injection well". This paper deals with the facilities, instrumentation and data systems required to develop wellbore heat loss information and the test results obtained.

Kawasaki Thermal Systems and Texaco have completed and instrumented a steam injection well in Kern River Field. A casing string instrumented to 800' has been completed. This string includes a total of 18 operational data channels providing temperature and heat flow information. In addition, a 1.9" logging string was attached to the casing as it was run and is used for temperature logs to a depth of 580'. Four instrumented steam injector completions will be operated during the test program.

Tests have been completed with the insulated Injection string. A total of 28 operational temperature and heat flow sensors provided data from this string.

A second instrumented completion, an uninsulated string with five thermocouples and two heat flux sensors has also been tested. These sensors together with the casing instrumentation provided data for this test.

These tests have established data which defines the heat transfer characteristics of the insulated and uninsulated completions. As the program is continued, the data will be utilized to validate a wellbore heat loss model, the final product of the program.

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